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Crustaceans are a large, diverse group of arthropods (i.e., segmented body with jointed-limbs) within the class Crustacea.

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Fish Mosaic from Pompeii Featured Crustaceans Image

Fish Mosaic from Pompeii

Floor mosaic from Pompeii of fish, octopus, squid, lobster, eel and crustaceans. Museo Archaeologico Nazionale, Napoli collection

© Walter Rawlings/Mary Evans Picture Library

Crutacean, Decoration, Eel, Fish, Floor, Historical, History, Lobster, Marine, Mosaic, Octopus, Seafood, Squid

Giant Tiger Prawn Featured Crustaceans Image

Giant Tiger Prawn

© Dorling Kindersley/UIG

Cut Out, Full Length, Giant Tiger Prawn, Horizontal, No People, One Animal, Penaeus Monodon, Sea Life, Studio Shot, White Background