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CJ12 3827 Ben Colburn, Morris Mini Cooper S

CJ12 3827 Ben Colburn, Morris Mini Cooper S

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Filename: CJ12_3827 Ben Colburn, Morris Mini Cooper S.jpg

Size: 5558 x 3705 (19.6MB)

Date: 12th March 2024

Source: CJM Photography

Credit: Chris McEvoy.

Copyright Status: Copyrighted Work

© 2022 Chris McEvoy,, all rights reserved

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CJ12 3827 Ben Colburn, Morris Mini Cooper S

Ben Colburn, Morris Mini Cooper S, HRDC Jack Sears Trophy for 1958-1966 Touring Cars, a forty five minute race with the option of second driver, but a compulsory pit-stop, the results are divided into five classes; Coombs, Leston, Mann, Rhodes and Sears, featuring cars that preceded the British Touring Car Championship events, Historic Racing Drivers Club, HRDC, Silverstone Grand Prix Motor Circuit, Towcester, Northamptonshire, England, October 2022

CJM Photography features motor sport classic/historic events as well as those of the current era

Media ID 36948496

© 2022 Chris McEvoy,, all rights reserved

45 Minute Race Adverse Weather Ben Colburn Compulsory Pit Stop Coombs Five Classes Leston Mann Morris Mini Coopers October 2022 Option Of Second Driver Pre 60 Touring Cars Pre 66 Bmc A Series Touring Cars Pre 66 Historic Jaguar Touring Cars Pre 66 Over 2 Litre Touring Cars Pre 66 Under 2 Litre Touring Cars Rhodes And Sears Silverstone Grand Prix Motor Circuit Historic Promotions Historic Racing Drivers Club Panned Shot Towcester Wet Race

In this evocative photograph from CJM Photography, we witness the intense forty-five minute race for the HRDC Jack Sears Trophy for 1958-1966 Touring Cars at the iconic Silverstone Grand Prix Motor Circuit in Towcester, Northamptonshire, England. October 2022. The historic event, organized by the Historic Racing Drivers Club (HRDC), showcases a dazzling array of classic racing cars that preceded the British Touring Car Championship events. At the heart of the action is Ben Colburn and his Morris Mini Cooper S, a tin top icon from the era. The race, which featured the option of a second driver and a compulsory pit-stop, was divided into five classes: Coombs, Leston, Mann, Rhodes, and Sears. The Coombs class showcased pre-60 touring cars, while the Leston, Mann, Rhodes, and Sears classes featured pre-66 BMC A Series touring cars, pre-66 over 2 litre touring cars, pre-66 under 2 litre touring cars, respectively. The weather conditions added an extra layer of challenge to the race, with rain making the track slippery and treacherous. Ben Colburn expertly navigates the course, his focus unwavering as he pushes his Mini Cooper S to its limits. The panned shot captures the car's grace and agility as it weaves through the twists and turns of the circuit. The HRDC Jack Sears Trophy is a celebration of motor racing history, a chance to relive the nostalgia of a bygone era. The classic event is a must-see for any motorsport enthusiast, a testament to the enduring allure of iconic cars and the thrill of the race.

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