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CM34 5971 Jeff Smith, Morris Mini Cooper S

CM34 5971 Jeff Smith, Morris Mini Cooper S

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Filename: CM34_5971 Jeff Smith, Morris Mini Cooper S.jpg

Size: 3332 x 2222 (6.1MB)

Date: 5th July 2023

Source: CJM Photography

Credit: ©CJM-Photography Chris McEvoy

Copyright Status: Copyrighted Work

© 2023 Chris McEvoy,, all rights reserved

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CM34 5971 Jeff Smith, Morris Mini Cooper S

Jeff Smith, Morris Mini Cooper S, An event featuring two distinct grids, HRDC Dunlop Allstars for pre-1966 Sports, GT and Touring Cars. The Allstars results divided into three classes; GT - under 2500cc pre-66 GT's, GTA over 2500cc pre-66 GT's and TC for pre-66 Touring Cars. Combined with the HRDC Classic Alfa Challenge for 750-116 Alfa Romeos, divided into three classes; CORSA - full racing specification, MONZA - Historic cars and NORD - production cars, a 30 minute single driver race under the auspices of the Historic Racing Drivers Club, HRDC, Donington Historic Festival 2023, Donington Park, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2BN, England, April 2023

CJM Photography features motor sport classic/historic events as well as those of the current era

Media ID 32183479

© 2023 Chris McEvoy,, all rights reserved

116 Alfa Romeos 30 Minute Race 750 Alfa Romeos April 2023 Castle Donington De74 2bn Derby Dhf 2023 Donington Historic Festival 2023 Hrdc Hrdc Classic Alfa Challenge Hrdc Dunlop Allstars Jeff Smith Morris Mini Coopers Pre 1966 Sports Gt Cars Pre 1966 Touring Cars Donington Historic Festival Historic Promotions Historic Racing Drivers Club

CM34 5971 Jeff Smith, Morris Mini Cooper S - A Thrilling Race at Donington Historic Festival 2023

. Step back in time and immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of classic motor racing with this print captured by Chris McEvoy from CJM Photography. The image showcases the intense competition between Jeff Smith and his iconic Morris Mini Cooper S as he navigates through a field of historic racing cars at Donington Park's Castle Donington circuit. This particular event featured two distinct grids organized by the Historic Racing Drivers Club (HRDC) - the Dunlop Allstars for pre-1966 Sports, GT, and Touring Cars, along with the Classic Alfa Challenge for 750-116 Alfa Romeos. With over 116 Alfa Romeos participating in a thrilling 30-minute race, it was a spectacle that left spectators on the edge of their seats. The HRDC divided the Allstars results into three classes based on engine capacity and car type - GT under 2500cc pre-66 GTs, GTA over 2500cc pre-66 GTs, and TC for pre-66 Touring Cars. Meanwhile, the Classic Alfa Challenge had its own classification system consisting of CORSA (full racing specification), MONZA (historic cars), and NORD (production cars). As engines roared and tires screeched around every corner of this historic track in April 2023, participants showcased their skill behind the wheel while paying homage to these timeless vehicles. This photograph encapsulates both nostalgia and excitement as it transports viewers back to an era when speed ruled supreme on racetracks worldwide. Whether you're an avid motorsport enthusiast or simply appreciate classic cars in all their glory, this print is sure to evoke a sense of awe and admiration for these remarkable machines that have stood the test of time.

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