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Animal Representation Collection

"Exploring Animal Representation

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"Exploring Animal Representation: From the Wheel of Life to Iconic Statues" Embark on a journey through diverse cultures and artistic expressions as we delve into the fascinating world of animal representation. In Nepal's Kopan monastery, amidst the serene beauty of Bhaktapur, witness the profound symbolism of the Wheel of Life (wheel of Samsara), depicting the eternal cycle of existence. Traveling westward to Tours, Indre-et-Loire in France, marvel at St. Martin sharing his coat in a captivating painting adorning St. Gatien Cathedral. This portrayal exemplifies compassion and selflessness that transcends time. Venturing northwards to Yorkshire, England, stand in awe before The White Horse of Kilburn gracing The North Yorkshire Moors. Carved into nature's canvas, this majestic creature symbolizes strength and freedom. Journey back thousands of years ago to Lascaux cave paintings where bulls and horses come alive with primitive artistry. These ancient depictions offer glimpses into our ancestors' reverence for animals' power and vitality. In Central America's Panama lies Cristobal; here Kuna Indian traditional molas showcase vibrant designs celebrating their deep connection with wildlife - an ode to their rich cultural heritage. Hungary's Budapest introduces us to "The Green Donkey, " a metaphorical masterpiece from 1924 that challenges conventional perceptions by blurring boundaries between reality and imagination. Germany beckons us towards Bremen where a bronze statue immortalizes the beloved Town Musicians who remind us that unity triumphs over adversity when faced with mutual goals. Phra Mae Thorani mesmerizes observers as she twists her long hair while torrents create floods - an enchanting scene found within Thailand's spiritual realm showcasing nature's immense power intertwined with mythical narratives. Wiltshire welcomes visitors with its iconic Cherhill white horse etched onto chalk downland since 1780 - a testament to human creativity harmoniously blending with nature's beauty. In Greece, an Orthodox icon within St.