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Brussels Collection

Brussels, a city of diverse wonders and captivating history

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Brussels, a city of diverse wonders and captivating history. Known for its delectable varieties of edible-podded peas, this European gem has more to offer than just its culinary delights. In 1958, Brussels hosted the World Fair, showcasing innovation and progress. The iconic Atomium model stood tall, resembling an iron molecule illuminated at night, symbolizing the city's forward-thinking spirit. A poster advertising Boulogne sur Mer in France reminds us of Brussels' proximity to other enchanting destinations. Its central location makes it a perfect base for exploring Europe's treasures. The Grand Place is a testament to Brussels' architectural splendor. Adorned with stunning buildings from different eras, it transports visitors back in time. Here lies "The Fall of the Rebel Angels, " an awe-inspiring masterpiece by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Summoned to Waterloo - Brussels played a pivotal role in history as it witnessed one of Napoleon's most significant battles in 1815. This event forever etched its name into the annals of war. Every two years, the Grand Place transforms into a floral carpet (Tapis des Fleurs), mesmerizing locals and tourists alike with its vibrant colors and intricate designs—a true feast for the eyes. Not only known for peas but also carrots—Brussels boasts various carrot varieties that add flavor and color to their gastronomic creations. UFO sightings have intrigued many across Belgium during what became known as the Belgian Wave—an unexplained phenomenon that left people questioning what lay beyond our skies. As evening falls upon Musee de la Ville de Bruxelles at Grand Place, art enthusiasts revel in masterpieces that grace its walls—each stroke telling stories of passion and creativity within this remarkable city. And who can forget Manneken Pis? This cheeky little statue captures hearts with his mischievous charm—a beloved symbol representing Brussels' irreverent sense of humor amidst its rich history.