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"Candle: Illuminating Tales from Wind in the Willows to Hanukkah Celebrations" Step into the enchanting world of literature and art as we explore the captivating presence of candles. Just like Mole's cozy home in "Wind in the Willows, " where flickering candlelight created a warm ambiance, these humble sources of light have played significant roles throughout history. In Rembrandt van Rijn's masterpiece, "Supper at Emmaus, " a single candle casts an ethereal glow on Christ's face, symbolizing divine revelation. Similarly, Van Eyck's iconic painting, "The Arnolfini Portrait, " showcases a lit candle as a metaphor for marital unity and spiritual enlightenment. Moving on to cultural celebrations, we encounter the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. Eight they are kindled over eight nights to commemorate the miracle that occurred long ago – when one day’s worth of oil kept their sacred temple lamp burning for eight days. Music also finds solace in candles; Erik Satie and Renaudin composed harmonies inspired by their gentle radiance. Meanwhile, an Illustrated London News cover from 1904 depicts Christmas joy emanating from festive candles adorning homes worldwide. Breaking barriers and challenging societal norms is not unfamiliar territory for candles either. In 1908, photographer Romaine Brooks captured two women sharing an intimate moment under dimly-lit candlelight titled "Lesbians Kiss. " This daring photograph pushed boundaries during its time. During World War I, amidst chaos and despair, army chaplains found solace in lighting candles during moments of remembrance and hope. Their actions embodied resilience even amid darkness. We cannot forget Charles Dickens' timeless tale – A Christmas Carol – where John Leech illustrated scenes illuminated by flickering flames casting eerie shadows across Ebenezer Scrooge's transformative journey towards compassion.