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Door Way Collection

"Exploring the World through Doorways: From Tintagel Castle in Cornwall

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"Exploring the World through Doorways: From Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England to Angkor Wat in Cambodia" Step into a world of wonder as you pass through the ancient doorway of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England. Feel the history come alive as you walk through this mystical entrance that has witnessed centuries of tales and legends. Traveling further east, discover the vibrant colors and intricate designs of traditional Cambodian apsara dancers at the temples of Angkor Wat. This UNESCO World Heritage Site transports you back in time with its majestic doorways leading to awe-inspiring architectural wonders. In Havana, Cuba, a different kind of doorway awaits your attention - an image of Che Guevara on a wall outside an apartment. This powerful symbol reminds us of revolutionaries who fought for change and freedom throughout history. Taking a leap back even further, delve into the past with "Lesbians Kiss 1908, " capturing a moment frozen in time where love knows no boundaries or limitations. This photograph challenges societal norms and opens up new possibilities behind every door. Moving across continents to Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, let yourself be enchanted by the grandeur and elegance emanating from the entrance to Plaza Hotel. Step inside this iconic New York City landmark and experience luxury at its finest. Venturing towards Africa, encounter an Arab-style Lamu door exuding cultural richness and craftsmanship. Each intricately carved detail tells stories passed down through generations, inviting you into another world steeped in tradition. Transporting ourselves back to early cinema days brings us face-to-face with Charlie Chaplin's endearing portrayal alongside Jackie Coogan as his adopted son in "Chaplin: The Kid. " Through this doorway into their hearts, we witness timeless emotions that still resonate today. A simple yet impactful message greets us next - "Get Your Hair Cut. " A playful invitation found on many barbershop doors around the world invites us to step in and transform ourselves, embracing change and new beginnings.