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Edwardian Collection

Step back in time to the elegant and refined era England

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Step back in time to the elegant and refined era England. From the enchanting film "The Railway Children" starring Jenny Agutter, to picturesque locations like Back Quay and Lemon Quay in Truro, Cornwall during the early 1920s, or the breathtaking Trevaunance Beach at low tide on a summer's day in 1910. Immerse yourself in history as you witness locals tucking pilchards at Cadgwith, Cornwall during the late 1800s. Travel along with us as we journey through time and explore Malpas Ferry, capturing Ferryside Cottage and the Ferry House on a sunny July day in 1912. Experience life from a bygone era as workers eagerly await pay day at Butlers Wharf in Shad Thames. Marvel at Platform 1 of Paddington Station bustling with activity in 1904, or gaze upon Didcot Junction during that same year - snapshots frozen forever for us to admire today. The charm of Butlers Wharf continues to captivate our imagination with its timeless beauty. Art lovers will appreciate Charles Wellington Furse's masterpiece "Diana of the Uplands, " painted between 1903-1904 but still resonating with grace even into c1915. And let's not forget St Giles Fair in Oxford, where merry-go-rounds and laughter filled the air captured perfectly by an old photograph from CC49_00539. Lastly, take a moment to soak up Finmere Station's quaintness nestled within Oxfordshire's countryside - an idyllic scene frozen forevermore from that fateful year of 1904 (BB98_05550). Edwardian Britain was an age defined by elegance and refinement; it was a time when society reveled in grandeur while cherishing simpler moments amidst stunning landscapes. Join us on this nostalgic journey through photographs that transport us back over a century ago – reminding us of the timeless allure of the Edwardian era.