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Moor Land Collection

"Exploring the Enchanting Moorlands

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"Exploring the Enchanting Moorlands: A Journey through Yorkshire Dales and Dartmoor National Parks" Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the moorlands as you traverse through some of England's most breathtaking landscapes. In Yorkshire Dales National Park, Pen-y-ghent stands tall, its rugged peaks beckoning adventurers to conquer its challenging trails. As you hike along the Settle to Carlisle Railway, marvel at the architectural wonder that is Ribblehead Viaduct, a testament to human engineering amidst nature's grandeur. Venturing further north, Hadrian's Wall reveals itself in all its ancient glory. J080005 showcases this historic landmark against a backdrop of rolling moors, reminding us of an era long past. Cuddys Crags (J080003) and N070307 offer glimpses into Hadrian's Wall's strategic fortifications and awe-inspiring vistas. Heading southwards towards Devon lies Chinkwell Tor within Dartmoor National Park—an ethereal sight at dawn when vibrant hues paint the sky above this mystical landscape. The tranquility found here is unparalleled; it is where nature whispers secrets only those who listen can hear. Church Stretton (EAW017336) presents another facet of moorland charm with its quaint village nestled amidst stunning surroundings. This hidden gem invites visitors to explore lesser-known corners where serenity reigns supreme. Returning to Yorkshire Dales National Park, Pen-y-ghent proudly stands as one of the iconic "Three Peaks, " offering panoramic views over Ribble Valley—a true feast for both eyes and soul. Further exploration takes us back to Hadrian's Wall—J910099 captures remnants of history etched upon these hallowed grounds while Hardknott Roman Fort (EAW589036) serves as a reminder of Roman influence on these lands centuries ago.