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Animals: Horses Gallery

Stella McCartney - Lucky Spot K041095
Charles Darwin on horseback K970217
Copenhagen, the Duke of Wellingtons horse J050173
Westbury White Horse K022100
Farrier, Cambridgeshire AA98_10862
Horse feeding from nosebag AA065985
Plaster fragment of a horses head, Berry Pomeroy Castle J920689
Drinking at the ford MCF01_02_0764
Drinking at the ford MCF01_02_0760
Wootton Rivers MCF01_02_0707
Royal Oak Inn MCF01_02_0678
Horse teams MCF01_02_0583
Horse ploughing MCF01_02_0374
Horse ploughing MCF01_02_0373
Mounted policeman MCF01_02_0157
Coaching Club meeting MCF01_02_0135
Horse power MCF01_02_0014
Taking horses to water BB026108
Horses pulling cart IC086_019
Cow and horse AA079533
Forestry, Princes Risborough AA97_05315
Cart ride JLP01_08_046458
Horse Guards CXP01_01_145
Shetland pony DP049437
Calraet - A Cavalier with a Grey Horse N070467
Rag and bone cart AA064811
Horse and carriage BB88_04100
Shetland pony DP049445
Shetland ponies DP049443
Shetland ponies DP049441
Ward - Walton J940246
Ploughing, Buckinghamshire BB98_10630
Horse and Trap BB98_10628
Brewers dray, Ipswich AA98_12167
Blackpool Pleasure Beach AA047934
Pony AA069766
Pony AA069766
Landseer - The Hon. E. S. Russell and His Brother J960119
Celtic chariot J950023
Ploughing J910039
Horse AA083719
Machine gun troop BL24191_008
Hall - Rataplan K941060
Ward - Rockingham with its owner.. K941059
Perry - The Old Carthorse K941058
Barenger - The Theobald Stud J940563
Battenberg princes at Osborne House D880027a
Haydocks exercise horse N080068
Haydocks exercise horse N080066
Rural landscape J910034

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