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Kings College Chapel AA98_04190 Featured Religious Architecture Image

Kings College Chapel AA98_04190

KING'S COLLEGE CHAPEL, Cambridge, Interior view. The organ is dominant, standing on the screen which divides the chapel and ante-chapel. It was built in 1605, and the case was made by Chapman and Hartop. It has since been enlarged. The rib vaulting of the chapel ceiling is also visible. Photographed by Eric de Mare. Date range: 1945-1980

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New church JLP01_10_51847 Featured Religious Architecture Image

New church JLP01_10_51847

St Mary's Church, New Road, Peterborough. St Mary's Church viewed from the south-west at dusk, with lights illuminating the tower and glazed porch.
Construction of St Mary's Church began in 1989 and was completed in 1991. The church was built on the site of the former Church of St Mary the Virgin, a mid-19th century parish church which had fallen into disrepair. The land on which the original church stood was sold and a new development known as Churchgate was built: community facilities, offices and a modern church. Original features, including the clock, stained glass, and stones in the arch around the new oak entrance doors, were retained from the former church.
This image was catalogued as part of the Breaking New Ground Project in partnership with the John Laing Charitable Trust in 2019-20

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Baptist Chapel JLP01_10_19131 Featured Religious Architecture Image

Baptist Chapel JLP01_10_19131

Clayton Baptist Church, School Street, Clayton, Clayton, Bradford, Yorkshire. The interior of the worship hall in Clayton Baptist Church, showing seating beneath the roof trusses.
Laing completed construction of the new Baptist church at Clayton after the business of the original contractor failed. The building, which was close to completion, was constructed on the site of the former church. It contained a worship hall and baptistery, two meeting rooms and a kitchen. The contract on which Laing worked included the completion of the interior of the church, solving problems of drainage, and the external windows. The church was dedicated in autumn 1984

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