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fine art/apsley house paintings/dawe alexander i emperor russia n070499
Dawe - Alexander I, Emperor of Russia N070499
#media dmcs-1719773
fine art/apsley house paintings/velazquez pope innocent x j040095
Velazquez - Pope Innocent X J040095
#media dmcs-482075
fine art/apsley house paintings/copley william ii king holland prince
Copley - William II, King of Holland / Prince of Orange N070512
#media dmcs-1719863
fine art/apsley house paintings/gerard charles x king france n070443
Gerard - Charles X, King of France N070443
#media dmcs-1719683
fine art/apsley house paintings/gerard louis xviii king france n070442
Gerard - Louis XVIII, King of France N070442
#media dmcs-1719621
fine art/apsley house paintings/navez william i king holland n070441
Navez - William I, King of Holland N070441
#media dmcs-1719611
fine art/apsley house paintings/gerard alexander i emperor russia n070440
Gerard - Alexander I, Emperor of Russia N070440
#media dmcs-1719605
fine art/apsley house paintings/herbig frederick william iii king prussia
Herbig - Frederick William III, King of Prussia N070439
#media dmcs-1719601
fine art/kenwood house paintings/rigaud parrocel louis duc bourgogne j910534
Rigaud & Parrocel - Louis duc de Bourgogne J910534
#media dmcs-1742839
fine art/apsley house paintings/meulen louis xiv siege n070471
Meulen - Louis XIV at a Siege N070471
#media dmcs-5529835
historic images/1870s 1900/grand ducal family hesse n950003
The Grand Ducal family of Hesse N950003
#media dmcs-3646688
fine art/paintings london/elle anne austria j920072
Elle - Anne of Austria J920072
#media dmcs-1785231
fine art/paintings london/ferdinand louis xiii france j970151
Ferdinand - Louis XIII of France J970151
#media dmcs-517513
historic images/1870s 1900/crown prince princess prussia family n950004
Crown Prince and Princess of Prussia and their family N950004
#media dmcs-3646689
fine art/apsley house paintings/frederick william iii king prussia n070531
Frederick William III, King of Prussia N070531
#media dmcs-1719905
fine art/apsley house paintings/einsle francis ii emperor austria n070511
Einsle - Francis II, Emperor of Austria N070511
#media dmcs-1719777
fine art/apsley house paintings/aachen emperor rudolph ii n070485
Aachen - Emperor Rudolph II N070485
#media dmcs-1719717