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Port Mulgrave 34092_006 Featured Romantic Ruins Image

Port Mulgrave 34092_006

Port Mulgrave, North Yorkshire, 2018. The remains of Port Mulgrave, a harbour built for the export of local ironstone, partially demolished during World War II as an anti-invasion precaution and damaged by storms in 1953

© Historic England Archive

Aerial, Dock, Harbour, Ruin

St Lukes Liverpool 28767_030 Featured Romantic Ruins Image

St Lukes Liverpool 28767_030

Church of St Luke, Liverpool. The Church of St Luke, a ruined Anglican parish church, badly damaged during the Liverpool Blitz on 6th May 1941, is commonly known as the Bombed Out Church and is regarded as a war memorial, 2015. SJ3589

© Historic England Archive

Aerial, Blitz Ww2, Church, War Memorial

Decaying mosaic pavement DP168226 Featured Romantic Ruins Image

Decaying mosaic pavement DP168226

Doxford House, Warden Law Lane, New Silksworth, Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.
Detail of the mosaic floor of the conservatory area on the east side of the derelict house, with weeds growing through the cracks

© Historic England Archive

Conservatory, Decay, Derelict, Faded Grandeur, House, Mosaic, Mosaic Floor, Ruin, Weed