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Apsley House paintings Gallery

From the Wellington Museum

Velazquez - The Waterseller of Seville J040094
Maes - The Milkwoman N070482
Landseer - The Illicit Highland Whisky Still J040064
Beechey - Lt. General Sir Thomas Picton N070463
Wilkie - Chelsea Pensioners reading the Waterloo Despatch N070447
Mengs - Infant Christ and St Anthony of Padua K080008
Van Ostade - Courtyard of an inn... N070679
Dawe - Field Marshal Blucher N070506
Lefevre - Napoleon Bonaparte N070490
Pieneman - General Rowland Hill N070457
Platzer - Anthony & Cleopatra..Battle of Actium N070473 Platzer - Anthony & Cleopatra..Battle of Actium N070473
Lefevre - Napoleon K050089
Pieneman - Field Marshal Lord James Somerset N070464
Lefevre - Napoleon Bonaparte N070468
Elsheimer - Judith Slaying Holofernes J050009
Lefevre - Napoleon Bonaparte J040036
Meulen - Louis XIV at a Siege N070471
Storck - Dutch Shipping in a River N070598
Mieris - Cavalier drinking and a couple embracing N070498
Healy - Marshal Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult N070523
Bakhuizen - A Man of Rank Embarking at Amsterdam N070650
A Shipwreck N070540
The Last Supper N070565
Caravaggio - A Musician N070517
Steen - The Physicians Visit J040066
Velazquez - Pope Innocent X J040095
Teniers - Interior of a Cowshed N070676
Calraet - A Cavalier with a Grey Horse N070467
Lawrence - Thomas Graham, Lord Lynedoch N070451
Knight - General Sir George Murray N070508
Ribera - La Carcasse N070544
Dawe - Count of Gneisenau N070505
Gambardella - The Duke of Wellington N070504
Teniers - Landscape with shepherds N070678
Pieneman - General Sir James Shaw Kennedy N070510
Pieneman - Ponsonby and Campbell N070446
Swebach - The Passage of the Danube by Napoleon N070528
Leslie - Duke of Wellington looking at bust of Napoleon N070535
Hercules and the Nemean Lion N090615
Copley - William II, King of Holland / Prince of Orange N070512
Gerard - Louis XVIII, King of France N070442
Van Dyck - Charles I N070475
Lawrence - Henry William Paget N070452
Goya - Equestrian portrait of the Duke of Wellington N070532
Horatio, Viscount Nelson N070501
Dabos - Napoleon Bonaparte N070686
Correggio - The Agony in the Garden K040846
Allan - The Battle of Waterloo J040105

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