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Royal portraits Gallery

Lefevre - Napoleon Bonaparte N070490
Janet - Royal Family in the Dining Room at Osborne House K020862
Henry VIII J010074
Van Dyck - James Stuart J910514
The Three Eldest Children of Charles I J920099
Lefevre - Napoleon K050089
Lefevre - Napoleon Bonaparte N070468
Lefevre - Napoleon Bonaparte J040036
Meulen - Louis XIV at a Siege N070471
Charles I and Prince Charles J900213
Queen Mary II J920200
Copley - William II, King of Holland / Prince of Orange N070512
Gerard - Louis XVIII, King of France N070442
Van Dyck - Charles I N070475
Dabos - Napoleon Bonaparte N070686
Lely - Queen Mary of Modena K090005
Elle - Anne of Austria J920072
Rigaud & Parrocel - Louis duc de Bourgogne J910534
Queen Catherine of Braganza J920196
Gerard - Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain N070585
Lefevre - Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain N070584
Frederick William III, King of Prussia N070531
Einsle - Francis II, Emperor of Austria N070511
Dawe - Alexander I, Emperor of Russia N070499
Aachen - Emperor Rudolph II N070485
John VI, King of Portugal N070444
Gerard - Charles X, King of France N070443
Navez - William I, King of Holland N070441
Gerard - Alexander I, Emperor of Russia N070440
Herbig - Frederick William III, King of Prussia N070439
Wilkie - King William IV N070438
Johnson - Charles I J920157
Lefevre - The Empress Josephine N070519
Lefevre - Empress Josephine N070491
Charles I K060144
Charles I J000080
James II as Duke of York J020039
Charles II J910366
Rebecca - Elizabeth I K970026
Ferdinand - Louis XIII of France J970151
Phillips - George II J920095
Lefevre - The Empress Josephine J040035
Lucas - His Royal Highness Prince Albert... J930017
Charles I and family J970150
Wilkie - King George IV N070437
James I of England & VI of Scotland K970027

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