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Sculpture and statuary Gallery

Bust of Zeus Ammon N100779
Canova - Bust of Napoleon N080945
Boudicca statue SAM01_01_0074
Chiswick House N080092
Canova - Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker J040042
Canova - Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker J040041
St Marys Church K940840
Men of Steel sculpture PLA01_05_053
Men of Steel sculpture PLA01_05_051
Fans sculpture PLA01_05_055
The Runner PLA01_04_032
Achilles statue SAM01_01_0075
St Michael and the devil UXC01_01_01_0009_18
Meeting Place SAM01_03_0990
Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry War Memorial DP196384
Capability Brown Column, Wrest Park DP217089
Gladiator DP071481
Gladiator DP071489
Angel of the North 34009_045
Angel of the North 34009_038
Angel of the North 34009_037
Angel of the North 34009_035
Baron Lawrence P_G03353_001
Lord Herbert of Lea P_G03423_001
Totem Pole BAR03_01_553
Totem Pole BAR03_01_552
The Globe BAR03_01_409
Chaloner Chute Memorial AA98_04403
Wilton - Marble bust of Homer N100780
Bust of Napoleon J890110
Duke of Wellington N110118
Venus de Medici statue N090702
Canova - Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker J040043
Pistrucci - Bust of the Duke of Wellington K040839
Wellington Arch quadriga N080824
Osborne House statue K030684
Royal Artillery War Memorial K991112
Wellington Arch quadriga J010144
Chiswick House K020248
Rufford Abbey K951332
Nelsons Column K060097
The Burghers of Calais
Statue of Spencer Compton
Nollekens - Bust of the Earl of Mansfield N100778
First World War memorial in Battersea Park AA064018
Damer - Princess Caroline J910208
Wrest Park garden statue N100757
Wrest Park N110269

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