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Tableux Gallery

Wright - Dressing the Kitten J960062
Landseer - The Illicit Highland Whisky Still J040064
Wilkin - Battle of Hastings K021254
Leslie - Jeanie Deans Pleading with Queen Caroline J940116
Van Ostade - Courtyard of an inn... N070679
Platzer - Anthony & Cleopatra..Battle of Actium N070473 Platzer - Anthony & Cleopatra..Battle of Actium N070473
Meulen - Louis XIV at a Siege N070471
Caravaggio - A Musician N070517
Steen - The Physicians Visit J040066
Dorset Hunting DP173067
Teniers - Interior of a Cowshed N070676
Brueghel - Still Life with basket & vase of flowers K980338
Wilkie - Chelsea Pensioners reading the Waterloo Despatch N070447
Swebach - The Passage of the Danube by Napoleon N070528
A Spanish Boy and a Dog J920011
Boucher - Flower Gatherers J910024
Gainsborough - Two Shepherd Boys with Two Dogs Fighting J920222
Allan - The Battle of Waterloo J040105
Boucher - Le Pecheur J910023
Defence of Scutari J920276
Meulen - The Colbert family N070474
Lingelbach - Landscape with travellers resting... N070466
Teniers - A Lime-kiln with Figures N070547
Teniers - Peasants playing Bowls.. N070543
Du Jardin - The Riverbank N070538
Van Der Neer - Boys with a Trapped Bird N070551
Teniers - A Harvest scene N070564
Duyster - A Musical Party N070496
Maes - The Milkwoman N070482
Bakhuizen - Landing of William of Orange at Scheveningen K040873
Spring K010691
Winter K010694
Platzer - Death of Cleopatra N070470
May Day J860384
Lecomte - Duke of Wellington visiting outposts at Soignes N070534
Vanderbank - Don Quixote washing his beard J920085
Snyders - Figures with Fruit and Game J910535
Pater - Fete Champetre J910571
Reynolds - The Gypsy Fortune Teller J980053
Gravelot - Le Lecteur or the Judicious Lover K030756
Teniers - A Village Merrymaking at a Country Inn N070476
Steen - The Dissolute Household N070586
Steen - A Wedding Party N070486
Boyd Houghton - Scene in a Fair Ground K030526
Boyd Houghton - Scene from Alls Well That Ends Well K030523
Boyd Houghton - Itinerant Singers K030522
De Hooch - The Intruder N070536
Burnet - The Greenwich Pensioners Commemorating Trafalgar N070524

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