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Flight Collection

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Flight Collection: RAF100

RAF100 Collection
32 items

Flight Collection: Hill figures and badges

Hill figures and badges Collection
47 items

Flight Collection: Ancient monuments from the Air

Ancient monuments from the Air Collection
95 items

Flight Collection: Football grounds from the air

Football grounds from the air Collection
206 items

Flight Collection: Ports, Docks and Harbours

Ports, Docks and Harbours Collection
108 items

Flight Collection: England's Maritime Heritage from the Air

England's Maritime Heritage from the Air Collection
55 items

Flight Collection: The story of aerial photography

The story of aerial photography Collection
15 items

Flight Collection: Amazing flying machines

Amazing flying machines Collection
13 items

Flight Collection: Ballooning

Ballooning Collection
30 items

Flight Collection: England from the Air

England from the Air Collection
768 items

Background imageFlight Collection: Sandown Pier EPW043023

Sandown Pier EPW043023
SANDOWN, Isle of Wight. The Paddle Steamer Sandown arriving at Sandown Pier in August 1939. Sandown Pier was originally much shorter

Background imageFlight Collection: Pier Head EPW003065

Pier Head EPW003065
LIVERPOOL, Merseyside. Aerial view of Liverpool Pier Head with numerous ferries and small boats. Photographed in 1920. Aerofilms Collection (see Links)

Background imageFlight Collection: HMS Warspite EAW005978

HMS Warspite EAW005978
HMS WARSPITE, Prussia Cove, Cornwall. Warspite was launched in 1913 and saw action with the Royal Navy at the Battle of Jutland in 1916

Background imageFlight Collection: Birmingham University 21103_02

Birmingham University 21103_02
University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, West Midlands. The University with the Chamberlain Tower in the centre of a group of buildings arranged in a D shape

Background imageFlight Collection: Heart the NHS 33889_054

Heart the NHS 33889_054
A field with flowers planted in the shape of a heart in support of the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Hayling Island, 2020

Background imageFlight Collection: Didcot Power Station 27604_020

Didcot Power Station 27604_020
Didcot A Power Station, Oxfordshire. Photographed from the air in February 2013, prior to decommission & closure on 22nd March 2013

Background imageFlight Collection: Eastlands 21557_017

Eastlands 21557_017
CITY OF MANCHESTER STADIUM also known as Eastlands, home to Manchester City Football Club since August 2003. Seen here under construction in February 2002

Background imageFlight Collection: Tellytubbyland 18829_26

Tellytubbyland 18829_26
TELLYTUBBYLAND, Warwickshire. Aerial view of the Tellytubbies film set. Telly Tubby Land

Background imageFlight Collection: Modern urban development 24624_020

Modern urban development 24624_020
READING, Berkshire. Aerial view. A development of modern executive flats off Kenavon Drive near to the London-Bristol main line

Background imageFlight Collection: London Docks 1958 EAW071687

London Docks 1958 EAW071687
LONDON DOCKS, Southwark. Aerial photograph of Greenland Dock, Rotherhithe in June 1958. Also showing South Dock, the River Thames and the entrance to the Millwall Outer Dock (on the Isle of Dogs)

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