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Westminster c.1510 J950155 Featured Abbeys and Priories Image

Westminster c.1510 J950155

JEWEL TOWER, WESTMINSTER, London. "Birds eye view c. 1510". A reconstruction drawing by Terry BALL (English Heritage Graphics Team)

© Historic England

Aerial, Graphic, Illustration, Palace, Tudor

St Edmunds Abbey EPW001753 Featured Abbeys and Priories Image

St Edmunds Abbey EPW001753

BURY ST EDMUNDS, Suffolk. Aerial view of the town, abbey remains and St Edmundsbury Cathedral. The Cathedral was formerly the Church of St James within the abbey precinct. Adjoining it is the Norman Gate (1120-48) which lead from the town into the abbey interior. Abbeygate, to the right, lead onto the Great Court - the public area in front of the abbey complex. It was rebuilt after 1327 when rioting destroyed the original gate. Photographed in 1920. Aerofilms Collection (see Links)

© Historic England

Lindisfarne Priory J880141 Featured Abbeys and Priories Image

Lindisfarne Priory J880141

LINDISFARNE PRIORY, Northumberland. Reconstruction drawing by Peter Dunn (English Heritage Graphics Team) of the Saxon church 652 AD

© Historic England

Graphic, Illustration, Monastic, Saxon