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Bratton Camp & White Horse N070972 Featured Hillforts Image

Bratton Camp & White Horse N070972

BRATTON CAMP AND WHITE HORSE, Westbury, Wiltshire. Aerial view. Below an Iron Age hill fort, enclosing a much earlier long barrow, stands the Westbury White Horse. Cut into the hillside in 1778, this replaced an older horse, possibly commemorating King Alfred's nearby victory over the Vikings

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Aerial, Defence, Fortification, Horse, Iron Age, Rural

Bewick Hill 34015_016 Featured Hillforts Image

Bewick Hill 34015_016

Bewick Hill, Old Bewick, Northumberland, 2018. An Iron Age multivallate hillfort and Second World War pillboxes. NU0721

© Historic England Archive

Aerial, Earthwork, Hillfort, Pillbox

Maiden Castle 29548_001 Featured Hillforts Image

Maiden Castle 29548_001

Maiden Castle, near Dorchester, Dorset, 2015. Maiden Castle, known primarily as an Iron Age multivallate hillfort earthwork, but also contains a Neolithic causewayed enclosure earthwork and long mound earthwork, and the remains of a Roman temple

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Aerial, Earthwork, Hillfort, Iron Age