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Anglo-Saxon Illustrations Gallery

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Viking era boat building IC128_006 Featured Anglo-Saxon Illustrations Image

Viking era boat building IC128_006

Reconstruction drawing, by Chris Evans, depicting the construction of a Viking era ship on the banks of a river. Although no archaeological evidence has been found, shipbuilding is thought to have taken place in and around York in the 9th and 10th centuries

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Construction, Graphic, Illustration, Norse, Viking, Work

Anglo-Saxon man N090546 Featured Anglo-Saxon Illustrations Image

Anglo-Saxon man N090546

Mucking, Essex. Reconstruction drawing by Judith Dobie (English Heritage Graphics Team) showing a male wearing a cloak pinned by a brooch at shoulder height. Grave 979. Anglo Saxon

© Historic England

Graphic, People, Saxon

Roman galley N100094 Featured Anglo-Saxon Illustrations Image

Roman galley N100094

PORTCHESTER CASTLE, Hampshire. Reconstruction drawing by Peter Dunn (English Heritage Graphics Team) showing a galley from the Roman fleet Classis Britannica and the Roman Saxon Shore fort as it might have looked around AD 330

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Boat, Graphic, Roman, Ship