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Frontier of Roman Britain

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Hadrians Wall J080008 Featured Hadrians Wall Image

Hadrians Wall J080008

HADRIAN'S WALL, Northumberland. Hotbank Crags, near turret 37B. View from atop the wall out across the mist enshrouded Crag Lough beneath Highshields Crags. hadrian

© Historic England

Atmospheric, Defence, Landscape, Mist, Roman, Rural, Stone, Wall

Hadrians Wall: Sewingshields Wall J930078 Featured Hadrians Wall Image

Hadrians Wall: Sewingshields Wall J930078

HADRIAN'S WALL: SEWINGSHIELDS WALL, Northumberland. Reconstruction drawing of Sewingshields Milecastle by Frank Gardiner (English Heritage Graphics Team). hadrian

© Historic England

Defence, Graphic, Roman

Heddon-on-the-Wall K060458 Featured Hadrians Wall Image

Heddon-on-the-Wall K060458

HADRIAN'S WALL: HEDDON-ON-THE-WALL, Northumberland. The broad wall at Heddon. A Medieval kiln built into the wall is also visable in the foreground. hadrian

© Historic England

Roman, Wall