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Historic Images 1900s - 1910s Gallery

Coventry Cathedral CC47_02918
Griffin Park, Brentford EAW068140
Sea of Steps, Wells Cathedral AA66_00136
Dunbar Wharf, Limehouse, London AA002456
King George V Dock AA002109
Dog AA086653
Dog AA086653
Lincoln Cathedral BB49_02570
Liverpool Street Station AA063096
Farrier, Woodbastwick, Norfolk AA98_13563
Canterbury Cathedral EAW004809
Poodle AA054086
Battersea Power Station AA98_05903
Blacksmith, Norfolk AA98_13558
Griffin Park, Brentford EAW068145
Chipping Norton HAW_9419_28
Clink Wharf Ltd. AA98_05351
Farrier, Cambridgeshire AA98_10862
Battersea Power Station AA077607
Coastal flooding 1953 EAW048271
Coventry Cathedral EAW024986
HMS Warspite EAW005978
Highbury Stadium, Arsenal EAW067822
Mallard steam train, Flying Scotsman service AA062835
Blackpool Beach AA047930
Hastings AA98 / 05468
Blackpool AA047928
Magpie AA079744
London skyline 1947 AA093777
St Mawes Harbour, Cornwall AA086715
Piccadilly AA076470
Sheep AA087032
Cat AA069843
Cat AA069843
Horse feeding from nosebag AA065985
Man leaning forward AA054035
Children in yard, Warwick AA48_02779
Great Malvern HAW_9424_12
Derelict houses BB78_09272
Warwick AA48_02751
Procession for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II P_C00424_001
Stratford-upon-Avon HAW_9414_36
Soho market AA099590
Female mannequins in shop window CC73_02302
The use of compasses AA093545
Cambridge Station OP25563
Tetbury HAW_9427_08
Festival Pleasure Gardens AA077613
Whelk boats, Norfolk AA98_14631
Stonehenge. Re-erection of Trilithon lintel in 1958 P50217

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