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John Gay Collection (1945-1990) Gallery

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Whitestone Pond, Hampstead Heath AA071818 Featured John Gay Collection (1945-1990) Image

Whitestone Pond, Hampstead Heath AA071818

WHITESTONE POND, Hampstead Heath, London. View of a boy lying down on the edge of the pond with his hand holding a model yacht on the water. Also, another boy behind him wearing Wellington boots stands on one leg in the water. Date range January 1962 - May 1964. John Gay

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Boat, Child Hood, Leisure, People, Play, Pond, Recreation, Water

Battersea Power Station AA077607 Featured John Gay Collection (1945-1990) Image

Battersea Power Station AA077607

BATTERSEA POWER STATION, London. View of the station in Battersea, as seen at dusk from across the River Thames in Westminster, and showing steam rising from its four distinctive chimneys and lights illuminating the surrounding industrial machinery. Photographed by John Gay. Date range: 1955 - 1960

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Dusk, Industrial, River

Village green FF003029 Featured John Gay Collection (1945-1990) Image

Village green FF003029

WESTMILL, Hertfordshire. View of the village green and roofed village pump in Westmill. In the background, houses on Pilgrims Close with the tower of St Mary's Church beyond. In the foreground is the top half of a Hertfordshire finger post including the placename Nasty. Photographed by John Gay in 1973

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