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Textile factory JLP01_08_044897 Featured Manufacturing Image

Textile factory JLP01_08_044897

PATONS AND BALDWINS KNITTING FACTORY, LINGFIELD CLOSE, DARLINGTON. Rows of spinning machinery in the spinning shed at Patons and Baldwins knitting factory.
This is a copy negative that appears to have been made by Laing on 28th October 1955. The image was published in the March 1949 issue of Laing's monthly newsletter, Team Spirit. At the time of publication, two thirds of the work at the site had been completed and a small portion of the factory had already been in use for over a year

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Sugar beet processing JLP01_08_082654 Featured Manufacturing Image

Sugar beet processing JLP01_08_082654

WISSINGTON SUGAR FACTORY, COLLEGE ROAD, METHWOLD, KING'S LYNN AND WEST NORFOLK. Sugar beet in the polar beet silo at Wissington Sugar Factory, showing the conveyor bridge, shuttle convey and water jet system.
A sugar factory was first built at Wissington in 1925. Work began on the construction of a new refinery, five silos, and an extension to the existing factory in March 1968 for the British Sugar Corporation. The project also involved the realignment of railway sidings and was spread over three and a half years. Work was programmed to align with the sugar beet campaign: between September and February each year the focus of construction work shifted from the factory to the silos and other outer works, allowing the factory to open for the unloading and processing of sugar beet. At the time of its construction, the polar beet silo at Wissington was the only one of its kind in England. Beet was unloaded from lorries and entered the silo via the conveyor bridge, and was then distributed by the shuttle conveyor. The base of the silo formed concentric valleys with flumes leading to catchment troughs which carried beet to the factory

© Historic England Archive. John Laing Photographic Collection

Medical Research Centre JLP01_11_60393_01 Featured Manufacturing Image

Medical Research Centre JLP01_11_60393_01

Glaxo Medical Research Centre, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. An aerial view from the west showing the newly completed Glaxo Medical Research Centre in Stevenage.
This is a copy negative made by Laing in February 1996 from an original photograph, which was published in the September 1995 edition of Laing's monthly newsletter Team Spirit. LML Glaxo, Stevenage is recorded as the subject in the negative register. LML stands for Laing Management Ltd. The Medical Research Centre for the Glaxo Group was built by Laing-Morrison Knudsen in a joint venture between 1990-1995. Laing involvement came mainly from the Laing Management company. The site consists of a series of buildings including central plant, administration, chemistry, environmental protection unit, microbiology pilot plant and central research support facility

© Historic England Archive. John Laing Photographic Collection