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Coastal scenes

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Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway 29934_015 Featured Coastal Landscapes Image

Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway 29934_015

Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway, Devon. Opened in 1890 itd is one of the last water-balance cliff railways still in operation in the country, 2016

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Aerial, Harbour, Railway

Corton Cliffs 33765_012 Featured Coastal Landscapes Image

Corton Cliffs 33765_012

Corton Cliffs, Suffolk, 2019. Caravan park and the site of a Second World War heavy anti aircraft Diver battery. TM5398

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Aerial, Caravan Park, Coast, Diver Battery, Static Caravan

Castle Rock BAR03_01_542 Featured Coastal Landscapes Image

Castle Rock BAR03_01_542

CASTLE ROCK, LYNTON AND LYNMOUTH, NORTH DEVON. A view of Castle Rock from the north-east. The Valley of Rocks, also known as the Danes, runs parallel to the coast between Lynton and Lee Abbey. The dry valley is thought to have been formed during the last Ice Age when an ice sheet diverted the East Lyn River westwards. The retreat of the ice sheet allowed the river to resume its original path to the sea, and the valley subsequently silted up. Features in and around the valley include caves and rock formations

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