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Westminster JRU01_01_040 Featured City of Westminster Image

Westminster JRU01_01_040

CITY OF WESTMINSTER, GREATER LONDON. A view looking north-east across Westminster from the tower of Westminster Cathedral, showing St James Park station, the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster Abbey and Victoria Tower of the Houses of Parliament.
The campanile or tower of Westminster Cathedral is 284ft tall, and has a viewing gallery near its top. The Rose Tower of the Houses of Parliament, shown on the right of this photograph, was restored between 1936 and the early 1950s

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Park Row CXP01_01_129 Featured City of Westminster Image

Park Row CXP01_01_129

Park Row, Knightsbridge, City of Westminster, Greater London. A view looking north along the east terrace of Mills's Buildings towards the terrace of houses on Park Row.
These late 18th century terrace houses in Park Row (named Hyde Park Row in 1939) and Mill's Buildings survived the Second World War but were subsequently demolished when the office block Bowater House was built on the site, itself demolished in 2006

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Trafalgar Square EGP_22657_75 Featured City of Westminster Image

Trafalgar Square EGP_22657_75

Trafalgar Square, Westminster, London, 22 May 1909.
Dr William James Stewart Lockyer (1868-??1936) silver gelatin glass plate negative. This view, from the balloon Corona at 2, 000ft (610m), was taken by the pioneering balloonist Dr James Lockyer. Like his father, Sir Norman Lockyer, James was an astronomer, but he had always been ??air-minded'??. He made his first balloon ascent in 1907, and served with the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Air Force in the First World War. Lockyer was familiar with photographic technology from his astronomical work, and that probably explains the high quality of this image. The Admiralty Arch, built between 1906 and 1911, can be seen under construction (centre right) between Trafalgar Square and The Mall. From the EGPN Collection held by Historic England Archive

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