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City of Westminster Gallery

City of Westminster
Buckingham Palace
City Westminster
City of Westminster
Palace of Westminster
City Westminster
City of Westminster
Trafalgar Square
City Westminster

Hidden spire DP165801
Parliament Square N060911
Oxford Street MOT01_01_06
Duncannon Street, Charing Cross, London AA062444
gallery gallery
Buckingham Palace
Collection of 30 images
gallery gallery
Palace of Westminster
Collection of 31 images
gallery gallery
Trafalgar Square
Collection of 28 images
Trafalgar Square J060185
Sainsbury Wing DP183694
Buckingham Palace 29225_015
Westminster Abbey 24414_015
Thames Embankment CC97_00283
Marble Arch Mound 35103_005
Buckingham Palace Gardens 35103_018
Marble Arch Mound 35103_012
Marble Arch Mound 35103_010
Admiralty Arch 35102_016
Grosvenor Square 35102_028
Aerial view along Oxford Street 35102_019
Admiralty Arch 35102_012
Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace 35102_003
St James Park 35101_051
Renovating the Houses of Parliament 35101_047
Renovating the Houses of Parliament 35101_045
Westminster Abbey 35101_041
Westminster 35101_036
Westminster 35101_026
Renovating Big Ben 35101_033
Renovating the Houses of Parliament 35101_031
Westminster 35101_034
Westminster Abbey 35101_023
Houses of Parliament 35101_018
Houses of Parliament 35101_020
Piccadilly Circus WES01_01_09
Piccadilly Circus WES01_01_08
The Strand WES01_01_06
Regent Street WES01_01_07
Palace of Westminster WES01_01_05
Driving to Buckingham Palace WES01_01_04
Oxford Circus WES01_01_03
Piccadilly Circus WES01_01_02
Regent Street WES01_01_01
Broadcasting House DP177573
Westminster JRU01_01_040
Piccadilly Circus CXP01_01_137
Covent Garden CXP01_01_157
Park Row CXP01_01_129
Before Aldwych HSI01_01_001

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