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Making iron lungs med01_01_0323 Featured Oxford Image

Making iron lungs med01_01_0323

Morris Motor Works, Hollow Way, Cowley, Oxford. A scene in a factory producing iron lungs for Australia. Lord Nuffield, the car magnate, recently undertook to supply every hospital in the British Empire with an "iron lung". Photographed for the Topical Press Agency Ltd in March 1939

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St Giles Fair, Oxford CC49_00539 Featured Oxford Image

St Giles Fair, Oxford CC49_00539

St Giles Fair, Oxford, Oxfordshire, September 1905.
Photographed by Henry William Taunt (1842-1922) on silver gelatin glass plate negative. Despite the bustle of St Giles's Fair, the photographer Henry Taunt has inevitably attracted attention perched, presumably on a stepladder, above the fairgoers. Employees of the ornately decorated Taylor's Royal Electric Coliseum are drumming up business, and a Fried Fish and Chip Potato wagon stands beside the gas lamp. St Giles'??s Fair had evolved from a parish wake first mentioned in 1624 into a major amusement fair with special trains bringing visitors from far afield. Taunt photographed the fair from the late 1860s, hoping of course to sell many images, and also out of personal interest

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Bishop Kings Palace, St Aldates, Oxford 1920 BB51_01851 Featured Oxford Image

Bishop Kings Palace, St Aldates, Oxford 1920 BB51_01851

BISHOP KING'S PALACE, St Aldates, Oxford, Oxfordshire. Looking north along the west side of the street, showing the main range built c.1622-8 by Thomas Smith and probably incorporating an earlier structure. The better known west range is an earlier house of the 16th/17th century with five gables. Photographed by Henry Taunt in 1920

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