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Luftwaffe targets in Southampton LFT01_01_01 Featured Southampton Image

Luftwaffe targets in Southampton LFT01_01_01

Southampton Docks, City Of Southampton. This Luftwaffe index sheet dates between 1938 and March 1939. It is marked Geheim ('secret') and is numbered GB4535; this is the specific number given to this particular bombing target. The targets are outlined in detail and focus on the Inner and Outer Docks, with specific targets including Southampton Airfield, storage tanks, quays, gas plants, aircraft factories, and wet and dry docks. Information also recorded include:
Section 3; sizes of targets, types of installations, personnel, further targets to sabotage including canal dock gates.
Section 4; details of ARP precautions and Anti-Aircraft garrisons nearby.
Section 5; local orientation landscape features to help pinpoint targets.
Section 6; details of supporting photography, interpretation and mapping

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Walls of Southampton N110166 Featured Southampton Image

Walls of Southampton N110166

MAYSON BEETON COLLECTION. Southampton, Hampshire. "The Walls of Southampton" by J C Armytage. Shows the medieval walls before the construction of the Western Shore Road in 1850, with sailing vessels in the foreground. Steel engraving dated 1841

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