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Wroxeter Roman City J900036 Featured Snow Image

Wroxeter Roman City J900036

WROXETER ROMAN CITY, Shropshire. Reconstruction drawing by Ivan Lapper. The baths complex as it may have appeared in the 5th century after the baths had gone out of use. Sequences of large timber-framed building were built on and around the remains of the old complex well into post-Roman times

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Cold, Graphic, Roman, Snow, Winter

Settlement earthworks 28978_011 Featured Snow Image

Settlement earthworks 28978_011

Earthwork remains of hut circles and enclosures on Top Cow Pasture, probably an Iron Age or Romano-British settlement, near Ingleborough, North Yorkshire, 2018

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Aerial, Earthwork, Settlement, Snow

Hockey practice JLP01_08_045427 Featured Snow Image

Hockey practice JLP01_08_045427

Alf Cannon, goalkeeper for the hockey team at Laing's Sports Club, playing hockey on a snowy sports ground.
A similar image was published in the April 1956 edition of Laing's monthly Team Spirit newsletter, in the Sports Personality section. Alf was goalkeeper for the hockey team, opening captain and vice-captain of the cricket team, and in 1954 he was a joint winner of the men's doubles annual tennis tournament

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