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Victoria's Royal Household Gallery

Queen Victoria's home and family

Queen Victoria in 1897 D880039
Windsor Castle CC41_00056
Durbar Room, Osborne House K020096
Osborne House, Drawing Room J030031
Janet - Royal Family in the Dining Room at Osborne House K020862
Osborne House, Durbar Room, 1892. K010285
Osborne House at Christmas N071981
Naval princes D880032
Osborne House N060201
Dyce - Neptune resigning the Empire... J980146
Queen Victoria and grand-daughter with pony Jim D880020a
Princess Beatrice D880048
Queen Victorias Sitting Room, Osborne House J070032
Nursery Bedroom, Osborne House J070025
Queen Victorias Bedroom, Osborne House J070022
The Dining Room, Osborne House J890089
Queen Victorias collie dog - Noble D880015
Queen Victoria and Prince Edward D880044
Queen Victoria D880042
Queen Victoria and her family N950006
Queen Victoria and her family N950005
Queen Victoria and family, 1898 M888557
Osborne House, Durbar Room, 1892 K010284
Osborne House J030034
Audience Room, Osborne House J070029
Horn Room, Osborne House J070028
Queen Victorias Dressing Room, Osborne House J070023
Prince Consorts Dressing & Writing Room, Osborne House J070020
Grand Corridor, Osborne House J070014
Ye Olde Christmas Side Board. Osborne House, 1888 D880038
The Private Chapel, Osborne House c.1890 D880034
Queen Victorias bedroom at Osborne House c.1890 D880025
Queen Victoria with her family and relatives in 1887 D880014
Prince George, Duke of York & Princess Mary of Teck D880017c
Prince Henry of Battenberg D880046
Prince Leopold of Battenberg D880030a
Drawing Room, Osborne House 1896 BL13900
Hafiz Abdul Karim K010292
Queen Victorias Royal Train BL17421_005
The Grand Ducal family of Hesse N950003
Queen Victoria and family 1884 M950877
Osborne House, Dining Room K020105
Osborne House statue K030684
Swiss Cottage at Osborne House K020950
Osborne House J030057
Osborne House K040234
Osborne House K040211
Lucas - His Royal Highness Prince Albert... J930017

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