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Women's History Gallery

Youth and Age OP06823
Jervas - Elizabeth and Henrietta Finch J030048
Comptometer Room, Stratford Cooperative Society 1914 BL22762
Marmalade factory, Oxford CC66_00389
Gertrude Jekyll c.1901 OP01502
Romney - Lady Hamilton at the Spinning Wheel J910506
Post Lady, Kerrier, Cornwall, 1901 BB98_01839
Romney - Lady Hamilton at Prayer J910507
Tennis in the garden BB046108
Bankhall Girls Institute PLA01_02_128
A La Ronde 33241_056
A new baby AA089549
Motorcycling EGP_22663_008
Nurses hostel JLP01_08_074883
Retirement gift JLP01_09_803510a
Accordion recital JLP01_08_008458
Photographer and model JLP01_08_073450
Record player JLP01_08_073453
Retirement cake JLP01_09_870427
Retirement presentation JLP01_09_870425
Seniors dance JLP01_09_783678
Vegetables JLP01_09_740159a
Drinks JLP01_09_861047b
Retirement gifts JLP01_09_861047a
Site nurse JLP01_08_053292
Friends JLP01_08_008880
Delivering groceries JLP01_08_048781
Jean MCF01_01_0147
Library CC46_00597
Collecting water, Hellidon, Northamptonshire AA97_05936
Day trip AA107204
Maids, Byfield, Northamptonshire BB98_06062
Cabbage leaf costume BB97_08307
Cycling in Hyde Park CC97_01239
London Female Mission 65A_LON_1830
WW1. Making Christmas puddings, Cadby Hall BL24361_007
Reynolds - Lady Chambers J910500
Maes - The Milkwoman N070482
Two women filling Sirocco roaster with coffee beans BL24300_001
Netscher - A lady at her toilet N070495
Anglo-Saxon woman N090543
Queen Victoria and family 1884 M950877
Leslie - Jeanie Deans Pleading with Queen Caroline J940116
Tulip picking, Lincolnshire AA98_09310
Rubens - Ana Dorotea N070581
Woman playing harpsichord AA071907
Lefevre - Empress Josephine N070491
Tea in the garden CC50_00694

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