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USA Political Map Featured Americas Image

USA Political Map

This very clean and clear USA political map shows each State in a different colour as well as principal cities and towns divided into six separate population bands. It also shows the main road network with Interstate highways highlighted, railways, main airports, State capitals, State and international boundaries are all marked. The USA political map also includes a key panel showing the flag for each US State detailing the State capital, population and geographical size

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Old Map of The West Indies 1662 by Willem & Johan Blaue from the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Featured Americas Image

Old Map of The West Indies 1662 by Willem & Johan Blaue from the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum

This detailed and most attractive reproduction map of The West Indies has been carefully art worked from a scan of an antique original. The famous firm of Dutch cartographers and publishers was established in the late 16th century by Willem Janszoon Blaeu in Amsterdam. Blaeu was a maker of globes and scientific instruments and purchased some of his early map plates from Jodocus Hondius. From this small beginning was to emerge one of the largest and most prolific map publishing houses of the seventeenth century

Old Map of North America 1851 by John Tallis Featured Americas Image

Old Map of North America 1851 by John Tallis

A fine reproduction artworked from an antique original map of North America, issued as part of the 1851 edition of John Tallis and Company's "The Illustrated Atlas and Modern History of the World". Made shortly following the entry of Texas into the Union, this map depicts an important point in American history. Herein Texas is shown at near its fullest extent including Santa Fe and but excluding the Green Mountain extension in the Northwest. Upper California has yet to become a part of the United States and while Oregon is included, Washington remains a part of British America. The mythical Buenaventure River appears in northern California. The map displays several beautiful vignettes depicting oNorth American Indianso, a oWhite Dearo, Beavers, the oFalls of Niagarao, a oConvoy of Diamondso, an oAncient Monument, Mexicoo, oCossackso, and the Esquimaux Dog-Sledge. The map is surrounded by a highly decorative border

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