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Painting in Sainte Jeanne of Chantal church

Painting in Sainte Jeanne of Chantal church. © Godong/UIG

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Painting in Sainte Jeanne of Chantal church, Mary's coronation by Renate Dionnet (1951)

Copyright © Godong/UIG

Media ID 9606011

Date: 17th December 2011

Source: UIG

City: Paris

County: Ile-de-France

Country: France

Credit: Ref:457

Creation Date: Saturday 17th December 2011

Image Size: 5616 x 3744 Pixels

Filesize is 9.40MB

Associated Categories: People

Keywords:  angel  catholic  catholicism  christianity  europe  faith  god  people  relgious art  religion  religious  roman catholicism  spiritual  spirituality  virgin mary

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