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Alexander Hamilton

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Whiskey Rebellion Featured Alexander Hamilton Image

Whiskey Rebellion

Pennsylvania tax rebels tar and feather a federal tax collector during the Whiskey Rebellion, Pennsylvania, 1794. The Whiskey Rebellion was a reaction to the excise tax of 1791 introduced by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Settlers in Pennsylvania counties west of the Alleghenies, who were mainly of Scotch-Irish descent, relied on whiskey for their livelihood and considered the tax to be discriminatory. Protests and eventually riots broke out in 1794 against the enforcement of the law. The rebellion was quashed by troops issued to the area by President George Washington and several arrests were made

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First Bank Of The United States Featured Alexander Hamilton Image

First Bank Of The United States

Engraving by Fenner Sears & Co. shows pedestrians on the street outside the First Bank of the United States which was Alexander Hamilton's brainchild and forerunner of our current Federal Reserve Bank System, Walnut Street, Philadelphia, 1831. The building was completed in 1795 but in 1811 the Congress allowed the bank's charter to lapse. Stephen Girard bought the building, designed Blodgett and Windrim and believed to be the first Greek Revival bank in the country, to house his own banking interests. It is now a museum. (Photo by Kean Collection/Getty Images)

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Alexander Hamilton, after the painting of 1792 (engraving) Featured Alexander Hamilton Image

Alexander Hamilton, after the painting of 1792 (engraving)

XJF394298 Alexander Hamilton, after the painting of 1792 (engraving) by Trumbull, John (1756-1843) (after); Private Collection; ( Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804) American statesman, he was United States Secretary of the Treasury, Founding Father, economist and political philosopher; he was also Aide-de-camp to George Washington during the American Revolutionary War;); American, out of copyright

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