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Chinoiserie wallpaper J050121
Chinoiserie wallpaper J050124
Faience plate painted with a Chinoiserie decoration. C.1670
Manchurian Crane J920149
Hunting party DP067905
Greetings DP067921
Chinoiserie wallpaper J050128
Chinese wallpaper, Wrest Park House N081143
The Sphere fashion number illustration 1927
Female Type / High Art
Oriental Fabrics 1924
Theatre Coat / Paquin 1912
Evening Dress / Vionnet
Quilted Silk Coat 1922
Chinoiserie Figures Landscape 18th century Etching
Chinoiserie Fantasy Skaters Exotic Figure Iceboat
Two Hat-Shaped Chinoiserie Flowers Fanciful Leaves
Chinoiserie Black chalk stumping graphite faint gray wash
A Chinese Marriage, study for a tapestry cartoon, c.1742 (oil on canvas)
A Chinese Garden, study for a tapestry cartoon, c.1742 (oil on canvas)
Chinese Curiosity, study for a tapestry cartoon, c.1742 (oil on canvas)
France, Chinoiseries, The Feast of the Chinese Emperor
France, Chinoiseries, The Audience with the Chinese Emperor painting
France, Chinoiseries, The Chinese wedding
Queen Marys Chinese Chippendale Room at Buckingham Palace, c1935
Pages from a catalogue
Page from an unknown catalogue
Chinese Summerhouse DP217081
Chinoiserie. 17th century. Ceramic. Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam
Set of oriental items on a greetings card
Family playing blind mans buff on a Christmas card
Oval chinoiserie candlestick
Green & Gold Compact
Chinoiserie (oil on canvas)
Japanese warrior on a circular Christmas card
Birds and flowers on a circular Christmas card
Compact / Lipstick Holder
An Oriental Beauty J920144
Design for a Ceiling Decoration with Chinoiseries, 1725-75. Creator: Anon
Design for a Vase, ca. 1770-85. Creator: Anon
Two Hat-Shaped Chinoiserie Flowers with Fanciful Leaves, 19th century. Creator: Anon
Flowers and Chinoiserie, 18th century. Creator: French Painter, late 18th century
Design for mural decoration, Italy, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Long Shawl with Black Center and Exotic Four-Sided Gallery in Chinoiserie Style, 1840s
Columbine and Harlequin. Creator: Jean Moyreau (French, 1690-1762)
Chinoiserie Design, early 1800s. Creator: Unknown
The Chinese Room at Middleton Park, Oxfordshire, 1840. Creator: English School (19th Century)
Design for a China Case, pub. 1753 (engraving). Creator: Thomas Chippendale (1718 - 1779) after

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