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Champagne Hoard Featured Argentina Image

Champagne Hoard

Lining up bottles of champagne in rows in preparation for a wealthy Argentine society event at the Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Date: 1930s

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Tomando Mate - Argentina Featured Argentina Image

Tomando Mate - Argentina

Gaucho taking mate in Argentina. Tomando mate or "taking mate," is a cultural practice, which refers literally to drinking a semi-bitter herbal infusion of crushed yerba mate leaves in hot water. One takes mate by putting the loose, crushed leaves in a mate gourd, pouring hot water (about 2 ounces at a time) over the leaves, and using a bombilla, or a metal straw with a strainer on the end to separate the water from the leaves, to drink the beverage. Few Argentines like tomando mate alone, however. This is an intensely social activity, and one person holds the thermos, pours new water into the gourd and passes it to each person in turn

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