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Bolivia-Carnival-Oruro Featured Bolivia Image


A member of the Negritos del Pagador fraternity dances during the inaugural parade of the Carnival of Oruro, one of UNESCO's Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, 400 km from La Paz on February 25, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Aizar RALDES

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Carnival, Dancer, Horizontal, Parade, Pipe, Smoke

The Wider Image: Bolivias cholita climbers Featured Bolivia Image

The Wider Image: Bolivias cholita climbers

An Aymara indigenous woman practises climbing on the Huayna Potosi mountain, Bolivia April 6, 2016. Two years ago, about a dozen Aymara indigenous women, aged 42 to 50, who worked as porters and cooks for mountaineers at base camps and mountain climbing refuges on the steep, glacial slopes of Huayna Potosi, an Andean peak outside La Paz, Bolivia, put on crampons under their wide traditional skirts and started to do?their own climbing. REUTERS/David Mercado SEARCH "CHOLITA CLIMBERS" FOR THIS STORY. SEARCH "THE WIDER IMAGE" FOR ALL STORIES TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

The ruins of Huanchaca, Chile - silver smelting works Featured Bolivia Image

The ruins of Huanchaca, Chile - silver smelting works

Huanchaca ruins - the remains of an old silver smelting plant, located in Antofagasta, Chile. The Antofagasta (Chili) and Bolivia Railway Company plc was incorporated in London in 1888. It raised money on the London Stock Exchange to build and operate a railway from Antofagasta, a port on the Pacific Coast of Northern Chile, to La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. Date: circa 1920s

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