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Emperor Tsuchimikado, 1400

Emperor Tsuchimikado, 1400

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Filename: 917_05_WHA_4303_TR.jpg

Size: 4007 x 4500 (6.2MB)

Date: 1st January 1754

Source: Universal Images Group (UIG)

Source: Universal Images Group

© Universal History Archive

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Emperor Tsuchimikado, 1400

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Media ID 9696829

© Universal History Archive

1400 Black Hair Cross Legged Emperor Hairstyle Japanese Culture Japanese Script One Man Only Traditional Clothing

This print from Universal Images Group (UIG) takes us back in time to the year 1400, where we find ourselves in the presence of Emperor Tsuchimikado. Standing tall and regal, this full-length portrait captures the essence of a powerful ruler during an era steeped in history. Emperor Tsuchimikado's jet-black hair cascades down his shoulders, symbolizing his youth and vitality. Clad in traditional clothing that reflects Japanese culture, he exudes an air of authority and elegance. The vertical composition emphasizes his stature as he sits cross-legged on a beautifully adorned mat. The artist behind this remarkable illustration and painting is none other than Fujiwara no Tamenobu, renowned for his mastery of capturing intricate details with finesse. Every stroke brings life to Emperor Tsuchimikado's visage, showcasing the artist's deep understanding of Japanese script and aesthetics. As we gaze upon this timeless piece of art, we are transported to a bygone era when emperors held immense power and influence over their subjects. It serves as a poignant reminder of Japan's rich cultural heritage and its reverence for tradition. Let this print serve as a window into the past—a glimpse into the life of Emperor Tsuchimikado during one pivotal moment in history. May it inspire curiosity about ancient civilizations while appreciating the artistic brilliance that has preserved their legacy for centuries to come.

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