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Close-up of statue on Strauss Memorial, Stadpark, Vienna, Austria, Europe

Close-up of statue on Strauss Memorial, Stadpark, Vienna, Austria, Europe

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Filename: 667-1514.jpg

Size: 3675 x 5555 (7.5MB)

Date: 26th July 2008

Source: WorldInPrint

Credit: Jean Brooks/Robert Harding

© Jean Brooks

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Close-up of statue on Strauss Memorial, Stadpark, Vienna, Austria, Europe

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Media ID 1131646

© Jean Brooks

Composer Gold Melody Memorial Music Musician Performer Remembrance Strauss

This print captures a mesmerizing close-up of a statue on the Strauss Memorial, located in the enchanting Stadpark of Vienna, Austria. The image transports us to this historic European city, where art and music intertwine seamlessly. The statue stands tall as a symbol of remembrance and pays homage to the legendary composer Johann Strauss. Its golden hue shines brilliantly against the backdrop of the park's lush greenery, creating an exquisite contrast that catches our eye. As we gaze at this contemporary masterpiece, we are reminded of Vienna's rich musical heritage and its status as a global hub for classical music. The statue seems to come alive with every note played by Strauss himself, evoking a sense of passion and emotion that resonates within us. The vertical composition adds depth to the photograph while emphasizing the grandeur and significance of this landmark. It invites us to explore further into Vienna's capital cityscape, promising more hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. With its vibrant colors and impeccable detail captured by Jean Brooks/Robert Harding, this print is not only visually stunning but also serves as an invitation for travel enthusiasts seeking new destinations filled with culture and history.

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