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Pheasant and gun and gun dog, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe

Pheasant and gun and gun dog, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe

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Filename: 1199-188.jpg

Size: 3623 x 5435 (2.5MB)

Date: 20th December 2011

Source: WorldInPrint

Credit: John Alexander/Robert Harding


Country: United Kingdom

© John Alexander

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Pheasant and gun and gun dog, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe

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Media ID 11699524

© John Alexander

Animal Theme Black Colour Blood Sports Close Up Shot Close Up View Closeup Closeup Shot Closeup View Country Pursuit Countryside Pursuit Domestic Animal Gun Sports Hunting Kill Markings Oxfordshire Sport Typically English Working Animals Dead Bird Gun Dog Pheasant Sporting Dog Vertical Image Working Dog

This print by John Alexander Photography captures the essence of a traditional English countryside pursuit. Set in the picturesque Oxfordshire, England, this image showcases a scene that is quintessentially British. In the foreground, we see a majestic pheasant lying lifeless on the grass, its vibrant feathers and intricate markings showcased in stunning detail. The pheasant represents both beauty and vulnerability as it becomes part of a sport deeply rooted in British culture. Standing beside the fallen bird is an elegant gun, symbolizing not only power but also tradition. It serves as a reminder of the skill and precision required for hunting in these rural landscapes. Completing this tableau is a loyal gun dog at attention. With its sleek black coat glistening under the daylight, this working animal epitomizes loyalty and dedication to its human companion. Its presence adds depth to the image, emphasizing the bond between man and beast during such pursuits. The background features incidental people who are perhaps observing or participating in this country pursuit themselves. Their presence adds context to this snapshot of rural life. Overall, John Alexander's photograph encapsulates an age-old tradition against a backdrop of rolling green hills—a testament to Britain's love affair with nature and sporting heritage.

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