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Traditional puppets hanging from tree, Bagan (Pagan), Mandalay Region, Myanmar (Burma)

Traditional puppets hanging from tree, Bagan (Pagan), Mandalay Region, Myanmar (Burma)

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Filename: 848-1236.jpg

Size: 6874 x 4912 (10.7MB)

Date: 16th January 2017

Source: WorldInPrint

Credit: Ben Pipe/robertharding


City: Bagan

County: Mandalay

Country: Myanmar

© Ben Pipe

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Traditional puppets hanging from tree, Bagan (Pagan), Mandalay Region, Myanmar (Burma)

Traditional puppets hanging from tree, Bagan (Pagan), Mandalay Region, Myanmar (Burma), Asia

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Media ID 13690209

© Ben Pipe

Asian Culture Bagan Burma Burmese Burmese Culture Colorful Colourful Hanging Human Likeness Human Representation Mandalay Myanmar Pagan Puppet Republic Of Myanmar Stereotypically Asian Suspended Traditionally Asian Typically Asian Manipulation

This vibrant and captivating photograph by Ben Pipe Photography showcases the rich cultural heritage of Myanmar (Burma). In the heart of Bagan (Pagan), Mandalay Region, traditional puppets are suspended from a majestic tree, creating an enchanting spectacle. The image transports us to a land where traditions thrive and Asian culture is celebrated. The colourful puppets, meticulously crafted with human likeness and representation, epitomize the essence of Burmese culture. They hang gracefully against a clear blue sky, their intricate details standing out in sharp focus. As we gaze upon this scene, we are reminded of the beauty found in simplicity. The juxtaposition between nature's tranquility and man-made artistry creates a harmonious balance that is visually striking. Bagan (Pagan) itself is renowned for its ancient temples and pagodas that dot the landscape. This UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts travelers seeking to immerse themselves in Myanmar's history and spirituality. Through this photograph, Ben Pipe captures not just an aesthetically pleasing moment but also invites us to appreciate the significance of tradition in shaping our world today. It serves as a reminder that even amidst modernization, there are pockets of authenticity waiting to be discovered – like these traditional puppets hanging from a tree – offering glimpses into cultures that have stood the test of time.

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