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Pavilion Collection

The pavilion, a symbol of elegance and leisure, has graced various landscapes across the globe

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The pavilion, a symbol of elegance and leisure, has graced various landscapes across the globe. From the Excelsior Pavilion and Boat Landing on the serene Lake Minnetonka in the USA to the opulent Brighton Pavilion built in 1825, these structures have captured our imagination. In an unexpected turn of events, Lords Cricket Ground served as a goose farm in 1915 during World War I. Who would have thought that this iconic sporting venue would be transformed into something so different? Meanwhile, Bournville's Mens Pavilion & Recreation Grounds in Birmingham provided a haven for men seeking relaxation and camaraderie. It was here that friendships were forged amidst games and laughter. A painting depicting a princess listening to female musicians showcases how pavilions were not only physical structures but also spaces where art flourished. These enchanting settings became sources of inspiration for artists throughout history. Boating at Belle Isle in Detroit offered respite from city life as people embraced nature's tranquility on their watercrafts. Similarly, Hastings & St Leonards' Print Users Yearbook reminds us of simpler times when printed media connected communities. As dusk falls upon Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, an illuminated Christmas tree stands tall next to the majestic Pavilion. The magical atmosphere created by twinkling lights evokes feelings of joy and wonderment. The Art Deco Pavilion exudes sophistication with its sleek lines and geometric patterns. This architectural style represents modernity and innovation while maintaining a sense of timeless beauty. An albumen print captures a view of a folly within Roundhay Park—a whimsical addition to this picturesque landscape that invites visitors to explore its hidden corners. Travel back in time to Southend/Essex during the 1930s when beachgoers reveled under colorful umbrellas along sandy shores near charming pavilions dotting the coastline. Lastly, Saltair's New Pavilion welcomed bathers eager to enjoy Utah's Salt Lake City.