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Terrace Collection

From historic landmarks to breathtaking views, terraces offer a glimpse into diverse worlds

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From historic landmarks to breathtaking views, terraces offer a glimpse into diverse worlds. In Belfast, the war mural of Bobby Sands MP stands tall, reminding us of the struggles and resilience of a community. Across the Atlantic, London Terrace Apartments in New York exude elegance and charm with their classic architecture. Venturing further into England's countryside, Oxnead Hall in Norfolk boasts a terrace that transports you back in time with its grandeur and beauty. Meanwhile, Zahle in Lebanon showcases a terrace where locals gather to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and stunning vistas. In Italy's enchanting Sorrento, Label Sorrento Hotel offers an idyllic retreat overlooking both the town and sparkling seaside below. On another note, Kilgour Road's bomb damage from World War II serves as a somber reminder of history's impact on our surroundings. Heading south along England's coast brings us to Portsmouth, Hampshire - home to five adjacent pubs that buzz with laughter and camaraderie. And who can resist Captain Berry's dachshunds frolicking on a sunny park terrace? Back in London’s Maida Vale neighborhood lies Morshead Mansions' charming terrace - an oasis amidst bustling city life. Notting Hill has also witnessed its share of trials like the serious house fire battled by LCC-LFB firefighters. Finally, we arrive at Bath's iconic Royal Crescent - an architectural masterpiece that epitomizes elegance throughout centuries. Whether it be tales of resilience or moments frozen in time; terraces hold stories waiting to be discovered.