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Count Arrigoni Degli Oddi

Count Arrigoni Degli Oddi

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Filename: 972_24_W237721.jpg

Size: 3527 x 4898 (5.8MB)

Date: 4th February 2007

Source: Universal Images Group (UIG)

© Marka/Universal Images Group

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Count Arrigoni Degli Oddi

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Media ID 9544261

© Marka/Universal Images Group

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This black and white portrait from the 20th century showcases Count Arrigoni Degli Oddi, a man of noble stature and unwavering loyalty. The image captures the essence of a bygone era, where men like him were known for their love of nature, hunting, and faithful companionship. In this historical photograph, Count Arrigoni Degli Oddi stands tall with his trusted sporting dog by his side. With a gun in hand, he exudes confidence and determination as he embarks on an adventurous hunt. The vertical composition adds to the timeless appeal of this remarkable portrait. The bond between man and animal is beautifully depicted here; the count's pet gazes up at him with utmost devotion. This snapshot not only immortalizes a moment in time but also serves as a testament to the fidelity that exists between humans and their domestic animals. As part of Universal Images Group's historical archive collection, this print offers us a glimpse into an era when hunting was both sport and necessity. It reminds us of our connection to nature and how dogs played an integral role in assisting hunters like Count Arrigoni Degli Oddi. With its rich history and evocative imagery, this print is sure to captivate anyone who appreciates artistry combined with tales from days gone by. Whether displayed in homes or offices, it serves as a reminder that some bonds are truly timeless - those formed between people, pets, nature, and adventure

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