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Darwin's scientific research Gallery

Objects and illustrations

On the Origin of Species K970323
Map of the world with annotations by Darwin J970111
Barnacles K970315
Darwins Microscope J970114
Charles Darwins notebook N020023
Galapagos finch J970105
Galapagos finch J970104
Pill boxes used by Darwin for collecting specimens J970120
Charles Darwins notebook N020033
Darwins Telescope J970128
Martens - The Beagle in the Murray Narrow J980080
Compass with Darwin signature J970123
Darwins Compass J970126
Galapagos finch J970106
Reconstruction of Darwins cabin on HMS Beagle N090136
Beetle display case J970134
Pistol J970130
Darwins Beagle Diary K990368
On the Origin of Species K970334
Down House, cupboard under the stairs J980016
Felis Pajeros K030076
Canis Antarcticus K030056
Bones of the right fore-foot, Macrauchenia K030054
Skull of Toxodon K030053
The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin K970312
Rhea Darwinii J970109
Charles Darwins notebook N020035
Chimpanzee. Illustration from Expression of Emotions... by Darwin K970320
Graxirex Galapagoensis J970102
Sylvicola Aureola K030081
Measuring instrument N100226
Charles Darwins notebooks N080593
Charles Darwins notebooks N080592
Darwins letters, manuscripts and notebooks N080591
Mocking Bird K030079
The Old Study, Down House N080408
Box containing beetles J970133
Zoology of the Voyage of HMS Beagle J970097
Geospiza Magnirostris K030082
Didelphis Brachyura K030065
Mus Flavescens and Arenicola K030059
Felis Yagouarondi K030058
Frogs K030073
Frogs K030073
Lizards K030072
Cofsyphus Darwini K030069
Vespertilio Chiloensis bat K030055
The Beagle Laid Ashore K970309
Comet Orchid K030209

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