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Separating Tank No4 JLP01_08_056928a Featured Water supply Image

Separating Tank No4 JLP01_08_056928a

Wanlip Sewage Works, Wanlip, Charnwood, Leicestershire. Workers concreting a section of wall in separating tank No.4 at Wanlip Sewage Works.
Work began on the construction on Wanlip Sewage Works in December 1958. The entire site had to be coffer-dammed with sheet piling before excavation, due to the proximity of the River Soar. The initial contract included the construction of three aeration tank units with 36 pockets, and one aeration tank with 18 pockets. Also incorporated
in each unit were four separating tanks. A return sludge pump house, effluent outfall, pipelines and a permanent access road were also constructed as part of this contract. After completion in mid 1961, the Company were awarded a further contract for the power and pumphouse substructure

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Pumping Station DP195587 Featured Water supply Image

Pumping Station DP195587

Isle of Dogs Pumping Station, Stewart Street, Tower Hamlets,
London. John Outram's Temple of Storms was built as part of the 1980s regeneration of London's Docklands. Edward Hollamby was chief architect and planner to the Docklands Development Corporation and, rather than using his in-house team, hired a number of leading private architects including Nicholas Grimshaw, Richard Rogers and John Outram. Built on a small budget, the pumping station is (typically of Outram's work) heavy with complex iconography making extensive reference classical architecture and mythology. It was listed at Grade II* in 2017

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