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Formal Gardens Gallery

Peacock at Audley End N071337
Kenilworth Castle Elizabethan Garden N090442
Rysbrack - Chiswick Gardens J980083
Rysbrack - A View of Chiswick House K070015
Osborne House N060201
Walmer Castle and Gardens K040149
Boscobel House N090144
Kenilworth Castle N090605
Italian Fountains 35103_049
Trentham Gardens 33228_018
Elvaston Hall 34076_019
Port Lympne 33244_013
Williamstrip Park 33255_001
Mughul Gardens DP065457
Mughul Gardens DP065456
Mughul Gardens DP065454
Mughul Gardens DP065455
Witley Court N071292
Witley Court N070632
Italian Garden, Wrest Park N110204
Chiswick House engraving N110153
Venus de Medici statue N090702
Chiswick House N090177
Brodsworth Hall and Gardens K041025
Lambert & Hogarth - View from Cascade Terrace, Chiswick J920006
Kirby Hall N071554
Audley End House & Gardens N071327
Witley Court and Gardens N071287
Witley Court and Gardens N071284
Audley End N071143
Witley Court BL25081_009
Wrest Park House and Gardens K022101
Osborne House J030057
Osborne House K040211
Walmer Castle and Gardens K040177
Chiswick House in the snow K030095
Chiswick House engraving N110156
Chiswick House engraving N110155
Chiswick House engraving N110154
Chiswick House engraving N110152
Kenilworth Castle N100352
Wrest Park House and Gardens N100701
Wrest Park House and Gardens N100700
Wrest Park House and Gardens N100582
Wrest Park House and Gardens N100581
Contemporary garden, Lincoln Medieval Bishops Palace N081089
Wrest Park House and Gardens N100415
Osborne House K040253

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