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A Cats Christmas Dance by Louis Wain Featured Cat Image

A Cats Christmas Dance by Louis Wain

A large group of cats enjoying a Christmas dance. Wain was able to turn his hand to drawing a wide variety of animals prior to the fame he achieved with his feline creations. Sadly his growing obsession with cats turned to insanity and he died penniless in a mental asylum in 1939

© Mary Evans Picture Library 2015 -

Cat, Cats, Christmas, Dance, Dancing, Enjoying, Feline, Historical, History, Humans, Louis, Music, Wain

Suffragette Cat In Hat and Flag Featured Cat Image

Suffragette Cat In Hat and Flag

Suffragette Cat In Hat and Flag. A cat wears a large picture hat and a flag in WSPU colours, purple, white and green, fastened as a shawl with VFW badge. A sign under its paw reads, We demand the Vote Captioned, An Advocate for Women's Rights Date: circa 1908

© The March of the Women Collection / Mary Evans Picture Library

1908, Advocate, Badge, Captioned, Cat, Colours, Demand, Fastened, Flag, Green, Hat, Historical, History, Large, Paw, Picture, Purple, Reads, Rights, Shawl, Sign, Suffrage, Suffragette, Suffragettes, Vfw, Vote, Wears, White, Womens, Wspu