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Gorgeous Georgians Gallery

Gainsborough - Countess Howe J880100
William Pitt the Younger J910510
Mrs Cosway 6B_PAL_1789_a
Martin - Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of England J890402
Gainsborough - Lady Brisco J900289
Wright - Dressing the Kitten J960062
Jervas - Henrietta Howard J920090
Reynolds - Kitty Fisher J920722
Josiah Wedgwood J980079
Reynolds - Lady Diane Beauclerk J910495
Haytley - Elizabeth Wandesford J920265
Reynolds - Lady Louisa Manners J910531
Hayman - John Conyers J920087
Reynolds - The Laughing Girl J910497
Gainsborough - Miss Brummell J910539
Eccardt - Sir Horace Walpole F001105
Gainsborough - Associate of the Prince of Wales K030528
Reynolds - Lady Chambers J910500
Kent - Architecture holding a Portrait of Inigo Jones J920064
Laroon - Lady and Gentleman J950297
Hamilton - Montague family J940512
Jackson - William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield J910565
Hudson - Margaretta Mabella J920110
Catherine Hyde Duchess of Queensbury J920089
Hayman - Girl on a Spinning Wheel J920088
Henry Bowes Howard J020043
Dupont - William Pitt K041000
Reynolds - The Gypsy Fortune Teller J980053
Hogarth - Sir Robert Pye J920093
Cotes - Portrait of a Gentleman J920266
Erasmus Darwin J970185
Reynolds - The Young Shepherdess J030042
Joshua Reynolds J950129
Reynolds - The Angerstein Children J030046
Gainsborough - John Joseph Merlin J910540
Portrait of a Lady J910509
Reynolds - The Brummell Children J910532
Reynolds - Master Philip Yorke J910491
Phillips - George II J920095
Reynolds - Lady Mary Leslie J910492
Reynolds - Mrs Tollemache J910494
Portrait of an Unknown Man J920317
Reynolds - Infant Academy J910493
Hoppner - William Pitt, M.P. N070522
Self Portrait of Joshua Reynolds N070503
Mrs Fitzherbert J920267
Wright of Derby - Reverend Seward, Canon of Lichfield J970162
Portrait of 4th Earl of Chesterfield J900159
Reynolds - Portrait of an Unknown Man J920091
Stuart - Sir Godfrey Webster K060146
Hudson - Abraham Acworth J920111
Vanderbank - Elizabeth, Countess of Northampton J920084
Wright of Derby - Self Portrait J970286
Reynolds - Miss Cocks and her niece J910501
Devis - Lady Burlington K050051

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